About Romano Mạurea

Mạurea is a Rotuman term for the North West wind, which brings new life and new beginnings. Romano brings you his unique Polynesian artistry from Rotuma, an island dependancy of Fiji, 460 km North West of Viti Levu.


Romano Mạurea  (Romano Fatiaki Sosefo) was born in Ahạu, and raised in Motusa on the western side of Rotuma’s main island, by his Rotuman parents, Betty Kounousi & Nathaniela ‘Jio’ Sosefo. A talented tattooist, painter and carver, Romano’s designs are inspired by his rich culture, stemming from local legends, the sea and island life.

CULTURE Rotumans speak their own distinct language and each Rotuman village has its own unique ways. For example, they each have their own Matau or sea and land guardians, which provide protection, bring good luck, and happiness.

TATTOO Rotumans have their own distinctive Polynesian tattoo styles. Historic missionary influence sadly discouraged traditional tattoo practices for generations, but a new generation of Rotuman artists are reviving the ancient art. Romano’s designs depict images of land and sea creatures, traditional symbols of family, geometric designs inspired by cultural objects, island life, historical images and memories of his elders.